I ask my friend what king of person/friends is me ??
and they answer like this..

“Masayahin. At gusto mo din mapasaya ang mga tao sa paligid mo. Katulad mo yung gusto kong kasama, para goodvibes.”

” You always make us smile/laugh ”

” Sisters/Brothers By Heart ” More than friends they are my family .

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A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.

” there have a lot of people na darting nalang sabuhay yung iba magiging part ng life mo yung iba daraan nalang at bigla nalang mawawala” (treasure ever moment with your friends )



Best Night

Actually I should not go to the event. ( That’s My final decision because also i don’t have a money ) . But my friend called me and she ask me if I can just attended that event ( i’m thinking if i have a school on that day ( buti nalang wala)) so i said yes.. ( thank you DUDE!!) hahaha .

On that day i permission to my Dad if  I’m going on that event . (kinakabahan pa ako ) i ask my one of my ate in (ML) and she talk my Dad if i can join and my dad tell that……..( okay) OH MY!!!! yes!!! hahahah…



Fierce version 2.0

While we waiting the others and waiting to start the event ( Photoshoot muna ) hahaha effect of satisfaction hahahah .. LOVE YOU GUYS your the best !!…

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When the event was starting we feel like ( sdnsjkhdhsifsbuw (no words)) and when meng entering ( affecting proud to her … ) meng we love you!! no matter what happened until the end we are here to support you because we love you so much..and in the event that tha all fans of MAINE MENDOZA called SMU ( Solid Maine United )..

Let’s party!!! ( I do not want to finish that day ) meets new friend , “kwentuhan” all you want i love you guys!! ( your the best!!)  many happened on that day , that you never forget you will treasure every moment of that day .. ( proud to be part of this event )

Hugging MENG!!!

This is the highlight when that day .. hugging meng!! ( OH MY!!! ) that moment I will not forget. that was a group picture and after the group picture i ask meng if i can hug her and she sai ” yes ” i hug her ( mahigpit kasi matagal pa bago masundan ehh ahha ) meng thank you !! i love you so much!! thank you “talaga!! “..

And to ate lei thank you for sending this to me this really made my day when you send this to me thank you ate love you !!

Maine , Thank you for everything for being inspiration to many people .. stay what you are we love you!!! we’re just here for you #WALANGIWANAN